Safety Net Plotter Maintenance

Safety Net – Plotter Maintenance

  • Preventative annual maintenance for your plotter with guaranteed free servicing.
  • 8 hour response with competitively priced parts if required
  • Highly trained engineers with expertise in all plotter makes and models

Annual Plotter Maintenance

Knowing your plotter is working to the best of its ability is important to ensure peace of mind, especially as repairs and replacement parts can add up to serious amounts over time. But have you ever had to dig deep for plotter repairs or a wide format printer repair? How much does an HP Designjet repair cost? How about a way to prevent future plotter downtime?

SAFETYNETplotter is the answer

With SAFETYNETplotter your wide format printer receives a full service every year, helping to prevent problems occurring. Most plotters don’t receive annual servicing, so when things go wrong repairs can be expensive. Because we believe that prevention is better cure, we guarantee you free plotter servicing with no call-out or labour charge should anything go wrong with your printer protected by SAFETYNETplotter.

Preventative Maintenance

When you takeout SAFETYNETplotter annual plotter maintenance, your local BIGFISH printer engineer will perform the preventative maintenance. Parts are thoroughly inspected, cleaned or lubricated to ensure your plotter is in peak operating condition. Belt drive and inkjet system problems are the most common cause of plotter downtime, that’s why we pay particular attention to these areas and will always advise on the expected life or a replacement schedule.

Terms and Conditions

SAFETYNETplotter is available at participating franchises only. Contact us today to find out more.

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