Page Click: All inclusive printer maintenance with printer


  • Your choice of printer included
  • Free servicing: parts included
  • All toner included, both colour and mono
  • Replacement printer on standby

THE Complete Printer Package

Many packages offered by printer specialists claim to be all inclusive, although some really do push poetic licence to the extreme.

Are you looking for a TRULY complete package that will take care of everything from supply to repairs at a low cost per page price? PAGECLICKplus is such a package.

PAGECLICKplus includes a free colour or mono printer on top of the existing advantages of unlimited toner supply, free servicing and maintenance without an annual fee. What more could you ask for?

PAGECLICKplus: Providing Businesses with Total Peace of Mind

A truly reliable and comprehensive package in every sense of the word, PAGECLICKplus is unrivalled for its benefits to businesses of all sizes and needs, from start to finish.

Printer Supply

Are you unsure of what the best printer for your business would be? Need expert advice and guidance? As a PAGECLICKplus customer we provide you with a printer – but not just any printer – of course not! We will get to know your specific needs and provide a printer that matches those needs: guaranteed.

Printer Consumables

Do you want toners that have been locally recycled? Cartridges that have been saved from incineration whilst at the same time are of premium quality and sold at a very low price? Well this is what you will get from BIGFISH printer consumables, the greenest and highest quality toner on the market.

Printer Maintenance

Targeted 8 hour response; free call outs; routine preventative printer maintenance. These are the pillars which our maintenance service is built upon and you will benefit from all these services with PAGECLICKplus.

Emergency Printer Repair

If your printer needs to be repaired, take advantage of our unlimited free call out option so that our BIGFISH technicians can be with you in super fast time.

For a fixed cost per page, all of these benefits can be yours. PAGECLICKplus is one of our most popular options and it’s easy to see why. Pick up the phone today to see how easy it is to get all this protection for your business

Terms and Conditions

PAGECLICKplus is available at participating franchises only. Contact us today to find out more.

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