Page Click: All inclusive printer maintenance


  • Mono prints from 0.75p per page
  • Colour prints from 5p per page
  • All toner included, both colour and mono
  • Free servicing: parts included

How much are you spending on printing?

Want to know exactly how much you are spending on printing and toner? How much are printer repairs and maintenance costing throughout the year? Calculating all this consumes time that we at BIGFISH know you do not have. So for an easy solution take advantage of PAGECLICK.

Fix Your Printing Costs & Save

With PAGECLICK you know exactly how much your printing costs you because BIGFISH supply all guaranteed quality toner, parts and servicing to you at a fixed cost per page. Easy!

  • Unlimited toner use
  • Free servicing with no parts charges
  • No upfront or annual fees
  • No callout or labour charges
  • Guaranteed rapid response
  • No hidden costs


Guaranteed Running Costs

This is printing made easy courtesy of BIGFISH PAGECLICK. For each page you print you will know exactly how much it costs, allowing for effective budgeting. And the great thing is, each printed page will be of the highest quality thanks to BIGFISH premium remanufactured toner which is 100% comparable with the original.

All inclusive printing from just 0.75p

That’s right. For less than 1p per page, your business will be supplied with unlimited, environmentally friendly remanufactured BIGFISH toner, servicing with no hidden costs, no annual fee and a targeted 8 hour response time in emergencies.

  • Mono printing from 0.75 pence per page
  • Colour printing from 5 pence per page

PAGECLICK is available to businesses throughout the UK. For more information or to sign up to PAGECLICK, contact your nearest BIGFISH office today. You will never know how much money you are wasting on printing until you speak to us, so do so now!

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