Remanufactured vs Refilled Toner

With so many alternative printer cartridges on the market it can be confusing to see the differences between them all. BIGFISH cartridges are remanufacturer, not refilled, but what’s the difference?

What’s wrong with refilled cartridges?

The first thing about refilled printer cartridges is that they tend to be very cheap to buy. While price is an important factor for all of us, there is a reason why they’re so cheap. Unlike BIGFISH remanufactured printer cartridges, refills literally take an end of life cartridge and top them up with toner power. So what’s wrong with that?

A toner cartridge is so much more than just toner! There are many components that influence the print quality, such as: magnetic rollers, wiper blades, photoconductor units or drums, and many other parts and gears that have their own lifespan. If these parts aren’t renewed along with the toner the failure rates increase and print quality suffers. It’s no wonder that many people have lost faith with so called recycled toner cartridges.

BIGFISH Remanufactured Printer Cartridges

Believe it or not, each cartridge from BIGFISH is individually refurbished by one pair of skilled hands and tested by the same person. Our quality control procedures are second to none and we have a sense of pride and responsibility to our customers and to our brand. That’s why quality is guaranteed with BIGFISH remanufactured cartridges!

Remanufacturing stages

  1. Completely disassembled
  2. All components inspected, separated and cleaned
  3. New drum installed
  4. New wiper blade installed
  5. New magnetic roller installed
  6. Toner reservoir filled with new toner to original specifications
  7. Cartridge reassembled
  8. The finished cartridge is tested in a real printer


The benefits?

Hassle Free

With our remanufactured cartridge service, we do all the hard work like recycling, remanufacturing, supplying and can even install for you, whilst saving you money in the process. This is as hassle free as it gets.

Cost Effective

BIGFISH remanufactured cartridges do not have all the material costs of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridges and in some cases can produce higher page yields. The same great quality for less money is what you will get with BIGFISH’s remanufactured cartridges.

Environmentally Sound

By using remanufactured cartridges, BIGFISH has reclaimed enough cartridges to fill over eighty football pitches, all of which were destined for landfill sites. We use recycled cartridges, not those from other far flung countries, meaning your carbon footprint is minimised.

Want to do your bit for the environment, save money and support local producers? Contact BIGFISH today!

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